New year = new you = new Website

Are you really going to forsake the “There she goes” blog and replace the dpicturesque url with something new? Dina asked me this question in the midst of my rebranding processes. sounded too boring to her, especially since I no longer would have the letter “D” (which does stand for Dina) as part of my url. While we’re still debating with her and my designer what we are going to do with my beloved blog, my new Website is officially up and running and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share the news with you! World, meet the very new Yuliya M. brand at! And as always, leave your comments in the comment field below! I love getting them from you. Yours truly, Yuliya.

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Sweet wedding memories

I always tease my brides that I’ll use the picture of me with the bride for a sneak peek shot . . . well until today. This weekend I attended a small wedding reception of a couple I dearly love and cherish. Ryan and Jillian got married only a few weeks back on the sandy shores of Maui and this was an additional reception for their guests. The afternoon was sweet and short and I couldn’t ask for a better place and a better group of people to celebrate with. I felt much more of a friend than a photographer, hey I even wore a brighter color than my usual darker tones wedding attire! Ryan and Jillian, congratulations on your marriage and on many many wonderful years together! Can’t wait to run into you two again! Lots of love, Yuliya


Patty & Joey: La Costanera Wedding

Warm breeze came into the room through the tall glass windows facing the Pacific. What was forecasted as a gloomy and cold day, was especially warm one, and surprisingly for Pacifca’s shore . . . with not a single cloud in the sky. Beautiful sunlight filled every inch of the coast and of the room where the bride got ready. Surrounded by her girlfriends, or more like best friends for life she’s known from high school or longer, Patty was the center of attention, and yet did not fail to be attentive and care for every single person in the room, including the four little flower girls, as precious to her as her friends. You could hear, “you got lucky,” coming from everyone. Weather like this was not just an exception for the middle of October, but especially after a week of rain and fog along the coast. The sky stayed perfectly blue until Patty exchanged her vows with Joey, the guy she secretly liked and even went to high school with, who through the years became everything to her. Strolling along the beach for their photos, one could see they didn’t just feel lucky to be getting married on such a beautiful day, but they felt truly lucky to be by each others side for always.

Patty & Joey, your wedding day will forever be special and dear to me. Thank you for all that you are, for your care towards the closest people in your lives, and your loyalty to those around you. It’s an honor to have captured your gorgeous and intimate wedding! Wish you much happiness as you cruise around the Western Caribbean together! Lots of love, Yuliya

Patty’s San Patrick’s wedding dress was perfect!

I love it when couples opt to see each other before the ceremony, it gave us lots of uninterrupted time for photos, and talk about the beautiful weather on the coast!

And this is where you melted my heart! You two make amazing models!

This is where it got a bit chilly in the shade, but Patty told me ahead of time, she’ll bear the cold for the sake of photos, truly a girl after my heart!

Patty with her niece Gabby

La Costanera couldn’t be more perfect for their wedding!

Patty and Joey made a few minutes during their reception for sunset photos, and of course that makes me love them even more!

The clouds rolled in at just a perfect time for these photos!

To see more of Patty and Joey’s La Costanera wedding click HERE for a slideshow,

Cheers, Yuliya