Meet Yuliya

This is not a story about me discovering photography, but about discovering me.

It’s much more than mastering an artistic outlet I’ve always admired, it’s the story of me growing as a person through this photography journey which is hard to pinpoint to a specific beginning. I developed my love for photography while studying and living in Israel in 2007, and started my business in 2010. I thought I was learning about photography and business, but really I was learning about my weaknesses, my longing for approval, and that the only person limiting me is me. Photography took me on a journey to a greater confidence, to owning who I am, and admitted my love for wool coats and rainy afternoons. I’ve also discovered that I’m far from being alone. I love photographing real people and giving them confidence through seeing themselves captured beautifully.

Today I feel free, happy, and satisfied and I love inspiring others to do the same. If you would love for me to a part of your wedding day journey, write me an email. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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