Mom? Dad? Friends???

“Any parting words?” I asked Dina while dropping her off at college. She gave me a puzzled glance. “You know like anything you would like to share with me before you go back into THE CAVE!!!” Sometime in November of last year, before her semester was over I referred to Dina’s college life as a cave. “Who me?” She asked. “I don’t live in a cave . . .” But after some thought and remembering the dark piano practice room she visits regularly at college and her overall disconnectedness from the world she agreed that she indeed does live in a cave. When the semester was over she posted the picture below on Facebook and ever since the cave jokes keep coming. Dina, I will miss you tremendously during another school semester, and when you’ll miss me . . . you’ll find me right outside the cave, WITH OPEN ARMS! -Yuliya


The Jar Moments

What is the best way to remember something? Last year sometime in September I saw an idea on Pinterest of a memory jar. Why I didn’t think of that before, don’t know, but I shared the idea with Dina about writing down the best moments and putting them in a jar. One afternoon Dina surprised me with a glass jar on my desk and since then we’ve been adding memories to it on a regular basis. On January 1st we took the jar to one of our favorite coffee shops and read together all the moments we’ve added in the last few months. We may or may not have been somewhat disruptive to the coffee drinkers around us, but we sure had a blast, a lot of laughs, and many ooh and ahhs. Even with all the picture taking, writing down things happened to be the best way to remember our year.

photo-3 copy

An unplanned date, sisters are a girl’s best friend, and a sunny afternoon

I woke up with an overburdened feeling from all the things that needed my attention that day. My Friday did not seem too promising. I hurried in the morning to get as much done as possible before a shoot I planned with my younger sister and her kids. Just a few minutes later than planned, we got into a car and drove to a park in midtown. Josiah was producing exciting voices from the back seat, Eva surprisingly slept, and my sister and I caught up on life as if we haven’t seen each other for months. Somewhere in between I remembered that we are going to a shoot and we stopped where the light seemed just right. The warm sun rays filled every corner of the park, pretty light flowed in from every direction, and the four of us walked through the park, on what turned out most beautiful October afternoon. The pleasant weather made everything seem better and all that light made for great photos practically anywhere. We were so into the shoot that we forget about our youngest sister. Dina came to the park to help us out, yet we didn’t tell her where in the park we would be. After thirty minutes (ummm sorry Dina) we found each other and decided to finish off the shoot at a bakery. Enjoying some wonderful baked goods with my sisters and nephew and niece I couldn’t help but cherish every moment spent with them. How quickly I’ve forgotten that sisters are a girl’s best friend, that sunny October afternoons are made to enjoy with those I love, that unplanned dates are some of the most memorable ones. My not so promising Friday all of the sudden turned into the best day of the week. I was refreshed, encouraged, happy and couldn’t help but thank my sister for planning the shoot and helping me to remember the simple pleasures of life. Oh and just to prove how great of a time we had . . . here is my beautiful family! Cheers, Yuliya.