Patty & Joey: La Costanera Wedding

Warm breeze came into the room through the tall glass windows facing the Pacific. What was forecasted as a gloomy and cold day, was especially warm one, and surprisingly for Pacifca’s shore . . . with not a single cloud in the sky. Beautiful sunlight filled every inch of the coast and of the room where the bride got ready. Surrounded by her girlfriends, or more like best friends for life she’s known from high school or longer, Patty was the center of attention, and yet did not fail to be attentive and care for every single person in the room, including the four little flower girls, as precious to her as her friends. You could hear, “you got lucky,” coming from everyone. Weather like this was not just an exception for the middle of October, but especially after a week of rain and fog along the coast. The sky stayed perfectly blue until Patty exchanged her vows with Joey, the guy she secretly liked and even went to high school with, who through the years became everything to her. Strolling along the beach for their photos, one could see they didn’t just feel lucky to be getting married on such a beautiful day, but they felt truly lucky to be by each others side for always.

Patty & Joey, your wedding day will forever be special and dear to me. Thank you for all that you are, for your care towards the closest people in your lives, and your loyalty to those around you. It’s an honor to have captured your gorgeous and intimate wedding! Wish you much happiness as you cruise around the Western Caribbean together! Lots of love, Yuliya

Patty’s San Patrick’s wedding dress was perfect!

I love it when couples opt to see each other before the ceremony, it gave us lots of uninterrupted time for photos, and talk about the beautiful weather on the coast!

And this is where you melted my heart! You two make amazing models!

This is where it got a bit chilly in the shade, but Patty told me ahead of time, she’ll bear the cold for the sake of photos, truly a girl after my heart!

Patty with her niece Gabby

La Costanera couldn’t be more perfect for their wedding!

Patty and Joey made a few minutes during their reception for sunset photos, and of course that makes me love them even more!

The clouds rolled in at just a perfect time for these photos!

To see more of Patty and Joey’s La Costanera wedding click HERE for a slideshow,

Cheers, Yuliya

Natalie & Casey: Maison Du Lac Wedding

If they were competing for finding each other over the longest distance across the country, they would definitely win. Growing up over three thousand miles apart, Natalie and Casey found each other in the midst of their pursuit of music in none other but the “Music City” itself. The gorgeous singer from California couldn’t be a better fit for a star drummer, and after discovering how well they finish each others sentences, they’ve never looked for anyone else. For their wedding they chose the ever tranquil and breathtaking Maison Du Lac of Los Gatos, CA, a place Natalie calls home. Standing on the lush green lawn surrounded by tall evergreens, the two music lovers promised their love to one another no matter where life takes them next. After walking down the aisle as husband and wife, Casey and Natalie rang the rusty bells right next to the ceremony site, celebrating their marriage, their promises, and all the amazing things God has in store for them.

Natalie and Casey, what an honor to have documented your wedding day! Your sweet smiles, your care for one another, and all your friends that came out from across the country made your day especially beautiful and personal. To have friends like yours making all the details on your wedding day come together is priceless, and you’ve made everyone forever jealous with the beautiful live music during the ceremony. Thank you for including me into your day, you’ve made me curious to come out to Nashville, since it seems like all the cool and talented people gather there! Much love and appreciation, Yuliya!

Natalie you’re killing me with your looks and smile. Gorge beyond words!

Oh and the lovely girlfriends! I can photograph Natalie’s friends all day long.

We’ve only met via email before the wedding, but Natalie’s wedding dress was perfectly in line with my style! Work it, miss beautiful!

Monika‘s two shots below.

One thing I looove about Maison du Lac is the never ending choice of backgrounds. I feel like there’s so much to discover every time and Natalie and Casey followed me everywhere, a couple after my heart!

And any night ended under string lights is perfection!

To see more of Natalie and Casey’s Maison Du Lac wedding click HERE for slideshow.

Cheers, Yuliya!

Citrus Heights Community Center Wedding: Liza & Vova

While walking through the park for the last sunset photos Vova suddenly picked up his bride just to spin her around from happiness. It’s moments like these that highlighted their wedding . . the attention and love Vova poured towards Liza, and her gentleness and sweetness that melts anyone’s heart. The sunny August afternoon of their wedding day turned out especially warm, but with all the happiness and joy around the bride hardly noticed. Surrounded by her sisters and closest friends, Liza got into her dress with her mom sewing a few loose pieces of lace and her little sister getting teary eyed, barely old enough to take in the occasion. While all attention was on the bride, Liza returned it all back to those around her. Even on her wedding she gave herself fully to others, through extra hugs and compliments. Having five younger sisters, it somewhat came naturally. And when Liz and Vova were finally standing by each other’s side, vowing to be there for one another, to cherish and to hold, they’ve already been practicing that for many days because of their selfless loving ways.

Dear Liza and Vova, where do I start? Probably from our first coffee date when you shyly admitted that you once saw me at a local store, but wavered to say hi. Who would have thought that months later we would be celebrating together at your wedding? I’m so thrilled to have been part of your day and wanted to thank you for your kind hearts, sweet words, and the attention you never cease to give to those around you. Whatever is in store for you, I’m sure you’ll triumph in many victories together, because of your care and love. As you’re enjoying a few last sun rays on Catalina Island, here are some photos to continue the honeymoon bliss! Much love and appreciation, Yuliya.

Nothing like having a mom help with the last touch ups

When the bridal party thinks I’m funny, it’s a win win.

When Liza and Vova decided last minute that they wanted to see each other before the ceremony I couldn’t be more thrilled, and after these shots below, they completed melted my heart!

Oh sweet Liz, you’re so beautiful!

There are two sets of siblings in this bridal party and I say sisters are a girl’s best friends . . . (Liza’s sisters on each side of her)

Mr & Mrs

I love it when the bride and groom plan a few photos around sunset, with all the worry of the wedding day behind them, the portraits are so relaxed and natural.

You two are gorge!

While walking through the park Vova suddenly picked up his bride and after spinning her around I grabbed the shot.

And a sunset like this is a perfect ending to any day!

Congrats on your marriage! Love, Yuliya

To see more of Liza and Vova’s Citrus Heights Community Center wedding click HERE for slideshow. It’s extra sweet with my friend Monika providing the songs!

Diana + Rod: Sierra View Country Club Wedding

It’s the gentle way she has with everything and her ability to be her true self in every circumstance that made her day especially memorable. From the handmaid invitations, to the sweet touch of a sash on her dress, to the branch for the ceremony backdrop that she may or may not have taken off a tree herself . . . her wedding day was truly her own, with her touch in every details. And Rodion made sure to make the most of it for her. When she wanted moss for her center pieces, he went and helped her find some in the redwoods, when she requested a brick wall for her reception backdrop, he build one with her dad. And when the wedding day came he kept asking when Diana would arrive for their first look, because really he couldn’t wait to see his bride, but more so marry her for always! With clouds coming in and leaving over their ceremony site, Rodion and Diana were pronounced husband and wife by a handmade backdrop found in the woods, and almost ran down the aisle from the happiness all around. And when they finally wed he hardly let her go, because with her around, the world is that much sweeter of a place.

Diana and Rod, I’m absolutely honored to have captured the sweetest wedding ever! I wish I could express how happy I am for you two and how much I loved your wedding, being both a photographer and a guest, but this time around I’m not so good with words. I’ll never forget how you two approached me to shoot your wedding and stated that it was your dream for me to photograph it, and you basically left me no choice. Thank you for including me into your lives and letting me in on your wonderful journey. I can’t wait to share more memories with you be at church, on the volleyball field, or in your sweet home over baked goods. I wanted to come up with a new phrase to end this post for you two amazing selves, but love you to pieces is as true as it gets! Yours truly, Yuliya.

Rodion’s first reaction to seeing his bride was super sweet, you can see more in the slideshow

I love when couples opt to see each other before the ceremony, it gives them more time to mingle with their guests after and the photos we get to capture during this time speak for themselves.

Diana, you’re more stunning than ever here!

Not sure if anyone can compete with your modeling skills, you two are gorge!

Thank you to the lovely Irina Sahaydak for the pretty flowers!

After taking a few photos with the girls, Diana ran to the groom and it was like a first look all over again!

Who wouldn’t want to photograph a bridal party made up of past clients and also siblings? Diana is the third sibling I’m privileged to photograph from the Moskalets family, with Marina being one of my first clients, and Aleksey one of my first second shooters and also a groom once himself. Just love them!

Sierra View Country Club was beautiful and talk about perfect light for a morning wedding!

Captured by Dina . . .

I almost went home after I got this shot, cause Diana looks gorgeous beyond words . . .

Thank you Mark for your sweet rides!

Dina, thank you for holding the light and making these reception shots possible!

And the best for last!

To see more of Diana and Rod’s Sierra View Country Club wedding click HERE for slideshow, you won’t regret.

Jillian & Ryan: Ritz Carlon Half Moon Bay Engagement

“It can’t get any better than this . . .” she stated to Ryan while looking out a balcony facing the gorgeous sunset of the Pacific. Meeting him was kind of like finding the second pair of a shoe . . . just when you’ve stopped looking, and talk about a perfect fit! They met one night while out in town and have never left each other’s side since. If you’d ask them, they’d say they met yesterday, and all the years in between seem like moments. That’s how strong and fresh is their love for each other. Standing together on the balcony watching the sunset from Ritz Carlton, moments after Jillian’s comment to perfection all around, Ryan disagreed with her with these words, “. . . yes it can, if you marry me!” and handed her a Tiffany blue box with a perfect bow on the top. Who could say no to that! Months later Jillian and Ryan are planning a wedding in Maui and I’m privileged to have captured their engagement session on the shores of Half Moon Bay, right where it all started.

Jillian and Ryan, wow, I’m blown away. I had the bestest time photographing you two last week. It was definitely one of the funnest session ever with your awesome personalities and good looks. It sure feels like we’ve spent months together rather than hours. Thank you for having me photograph your love and your sweet story. Wherever it is life takes you, I have a feeling I won’t be far away. Congratulations on your engagement and can’t wait to hang out with you guys in December! Lots of love, Yuliya.

Oh Jillian, do you have to look so gorgeous and give it all at the beginning of the shoot? Love you!

I instantly recommended Jillian’s hair for a shampoo commercial, and she said, there’s no need, she’s already modeled!

One of my favorites . . .

Thank you to the lovely Danielle for styling the shoot!

Gorge, that’s all.

The bling!

Personalized golf ball? Yes, please!

And that’s how I’ll always remember them! In love, taking in the views of Half Moon Bay . . .

To see more of Jillian and Ryan’s Half Moon Bay engagement session click HERE for a slideshow!

Cheers, Yuliya

Diana + Rod: Tilden Park Engagement

It didn’t help when their friends hinted on how cute of a couple they would make together. They grew uncomfortable around each other and tried to carry on casual conversations just like friends would. Yet it wasn’t easy to be neutral either. They went to the same college, same church, to the same bible study, and often were left alone at the campus evangelism table. Their class schedules matched too perfectly, and it wasn’t unusual for him to walk her to class. Soon they parked next to each other and took longer walks. And on one of those days when the pressure from friends got too high, he pulled her aside and declared that he likes her, like a lot. Diana started acting normal around him and Rod did not hide his affections any longer. They kept talking, taking more walks, and to their friends’ surprise started dating only six months later. And right there somewhere on the dusty paths of Sierra College they fell in love, hard.

Diana and Rod, I’m so thrilled for your engagement and soon approaching wedding! I’ve known both of you since your teens and it’s exciting to see you together. Thank you for the honor of documenting the start of your journey. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you as husband and wife. You two are so special to me, and I’m very grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for your sweet smiles and for your devotion to the Lord. Love you to pieces!!!! Yuliya.

Oh the lovely Diana!

Diana has been in front of my camera plenty of times, yet she looked specially gorgeous this time around!

Good looking together or what?

Watch Diana and Rod’s engagement slideshow HERE.

And to make the day even sweeter, the slideshow song is written and performed by my sweet friend Monika of! Monika, thank you a million times!

Happy Wednesday!