Sacramento Engagement: Tessa + Steven

Imagine finding someone just like you, with the exact same major, someone who is passionate about the same things and hey, who even went to the same exact college as you did!!! Tessa and Steven found each other online and after meeting in person have never left each other’s side since. Steven proposed a year after they first met, on the exact same day, and this year they are making it official also on the same September day when they first met! And to add to their awesomeness, these two are asking their guests to donate to their favorite local charities instead of giving them wedding gifts.

Tessa and Steven, you two are amazing. I love your passion to give back to others, your sweet smiles and kind hearts! Thank you for the sweetest January afternoon of roaming midtown streets. I’m so lucky to have met you two and can’t wait to see what the future hold for you. Much love, Yuliya.


Tessa used to work at the Tower Theater in Sacramento and these a few decades old letters, were used in movie titles, coolest thing ever or what?

Gorgeous people + gorgeous light = a very sweet combination!



Oh Tessa, you’re gorgeous!



While strolling the midtown streets together we found this parked red vespa and my heart melted! Love these!


And the best for last!

Slideshow coming soon!

and she said . . .


Could you start a Christmas week better way than this? This afternoon I had the pleasure of hanging out with Andrew and Allie for a few Christmas photos and at the end of the photo shoot Andrew was on his knee with a ring! I’ll let the pictures do the talking, cause I’m super thrilled for them!






The family was nearby to join in on the fun!





Allie and Andrew, this was definitely a movie like experience especially with the rain, and hey maybe just a bit better! Congratulations to you both! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two! Lots of love, Yuliya

Marina + Pavel+ Vera

“I’m still reading your blog, every entry of it,” Marina wrote to me in the email when I contacted her about my upcoming trip to NY. And that’s when I knew that even if we end up being in two different parts of New York state, no matter how far, I would have to meet this person and thank her for being my supporter and my blog reader and well . . . simply amazing! Marina found my blog through her cousin Irina over a year and half ago and has followed my daily ramblings since. I had no idea she’s still reading since that time, but I was reaffirmed when we strolled around Brooklyn parks together and everything I referenced she knew about. It’s like we’ve been friends for like always . . . that’s how small the world becomes thanks to Internet.

World, meet Marina, Pavel and their sweet daughter Vera. We met up while on my trip to NY in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and I simply loved our time together. Thank you Marina and family for all that you are, your support across the continent and your beautiful smiles!!! Can’t wait to see you next time! With much appreciation, Yuliya

Olesya + Borya + Baby

I’ll always remember her as the girl in bright magenta jacket. That’s my first memory of her. We met while driving through the redwoods to a cabin retreat and I can still remember the jacket she was wearing. She came into my life unexpectedly and left just as soon. We quickly grew close through our love for all things photography and Olesya even assisted me at a wedding. Now my only chances of seeing her are special occasions, holidays, and perhaps trips to Portland. This time she announced there won’t be any visits soon because . . . well this little new addition to their family. My friend demanded that each one of her girl friends has to come up for a month after the baby is born and since my wedding season doesn’t start until March, I might just have to make a winter trip to Portland. (Somebody buy me warm clothes!!!) Olesya and Borya visited town for a few days and I’m so thankful for a shoot we did together, since it guaranteed more time to spend with them. Right after we went to a Bible study together and seeing my friend take her usual spot at the table made me realize just how much I’ve missed her!

Dear Olesya and Borya, I’m so thankful for you two and truly treasure our friendship. And your modeling skills … are only getting better. Miss you guys, Yuliya.

Just love this one!