New blog just like new home, visit from now on!

You know the feeling you have when you move into a new place? You totally love the fun new spaces in your new place, the window light, the new kitchen layout, but as much as you’re excited there’s still a little sadness over having to give up your previous home. The cozy spaces around the house that became so dear, the memories that you’ve created at the old place . . . all need to be given up. That’s exactly how I felt this morning when it hit me that I no longer will blog here, no longer will live in this tiny space with my thoughts and adventures. I love my new blog, but the old one is sentimental just like your previous home! Ah, the feelings of melancholy are over me, but the new place feels so much more spacier, more modern, and more bright! So today I am officially switching to blogging at my new little place on the web And if you haven’t checked yet, I’ve already moved in there with all my 500+ posts plus with a fresh post of Quotable Thursday, which you must read on the new blog!!! I would be delighted if you take a tour of my new blog, and any comments are welcome!!! Happy Thursday! Yuliya.

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I wish I owned wellness and sunny days ahead

“Do you have any wellness in your house?” My sister’s text read. Wellness??? I was about to tell her no, because we are all sick, but then I figure out she was asking for the medicine name and NOT for our well being! The last few months I think I spent more money on medicine than on coffee shops and my clothes put together (well maybe there’s a little exaggeration there). And sadly, I made another trip to Sprouts this week for some more Wellness and immune system meds. I don’t really remember what it feels like to be fully well, but I sure hope I soon will and so will my little niece and nephews and the rest of the family! Here’s to wellness and sunny days ahead!

Mondays, Fresh Starts and WordPress

Mondays are best days ever, because they always carry fresh starts! But you already knew that. What you don’t know is that after many hours of breaking my head on Friday, some minor frustration, and lots of clicking and page refreshing on Saturday, I’m in final stages of creating my new blog!!! There was a point I thought I completely broke WordPress, no really, but after a quick email to my most amazing brother-in-law, the Web designer behind MagicEdit, which I use to operate my site, and Wishzilla, which I use to buy and get presents (most brilliant tool ever), I breathed a sign of relief, after all WordPress was alive! There are still portions of the theme I bought from ThemeForest, which I didn’t figure out yet, but overall, it’s the best facelift ever and for just $50! After paying for a custom Website, that price tag was the best news in the world! Makes me want to start ten more blogs, I kid, I kid!

After looking at 1000+ templates, no kidding, I narrowed down to six templates I liked, then in Photoshop, filled them in with my logo and pictures, to give me an idea of how it will look with my brand, and then ran my ideas by my brother. I was beyond thrilled when he mentioned he liked the one I happened to like, of course based on a very different criteria. He was looking for a responsive blog that would be mobile friendly and I was looking for a beautiful layout. I didn’t fully know if I could customize the template to my liking entirely, but because I needed to start somewhere, I bought it and thankful it is turning out to how I like it! Here’s a little sneak peek and yes it is already filled in with over 500 posts that I blogged in the last four years. I’m still trying to figure out the landing page options, but other than that it is almost ready to run! Happy Monday world and happy fresh starts! Cheers, Yuliya

Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 7.45.20 PM

Oh, and since my own photographer for my head shots is very under credited . . . Dina Molitvenik takes all my pictures and yes I do believe she is the best in the world, because she delivers exactly what I want and actually even better!

Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 7.43.57 PM

Ten hours of getting smart

A few days ago I spent an afternoon with my friends and their new addition to the family, a lovely tiny little girl with the cutest name. In between I asked my friend, who is very successful in business, about the role that reading and learning plays in his business. One thing I took away from our conversation is that acquiring knowledge is unavoidable if you want to succeed, and you do that either by learning from books or by learning from mentors in your specific business. I thought about how I started in business, and how I’ve never would have done it if not for mentors (some direct and some indirect, like blog reading), simply because my knowledge in business accumulated to a negative and the closest experience I had with business, is my college roommate my freshmen year was a business major! After three years of running my own business and learning a ton, I still feel the need for knowing more. I used to put aside book reading in business field, because it takes time and there are so many other things needing attention, but one thing that helps me to stop and dedicate time for it is this quote from Tim Sanders’ Love is the Killer App,

“Ten hours of getting smart will yield the same value creation as forty hours of busy work.”

And while I still have a long way to figure out the balance between acquiring knowledge and putting it all into practice, I am happy to have learned this and am excited to see the fruits of learning in my business. Happy Friday and happy reading!


DIY Calendar

Sometime after January 1st I saw a cute DIY calendar on Pinterest and really wanted to make one myself, yet since I don’t usually have one on my wall and because time is limited, I decided to wait on the project and first figure out if it’s going to be practical. Over a few weeks I started noticing the number of times I needed to reference my calendar during the day, and no I didn’t actually keep a score anywhere, but what I did find is that I had to reference it soooo many times. After emailing for an hour yesterday and noticing that I literally had to check my calendar for each correspondence, I approved of my project idea and after a quick photo selection, a trip to Walgreens to pick up the prints, and actually printing out the calendar pages, I have a brand new calendar on my wall. It’s the middle of February, or just a little over, but I’m so happy with the results, the nice touch it adds to my work station and how quickly I can reference the calendar. There’s something special about making things with your hands and seeing your photos in print!




The original calendar idea required used Printstagram to print the photos, but I simply sized down my Instagrams to 3×3 and printed them on a 4×6 print, much cheaper ;). I also decided not to go with the washi tape, because I felt like it took away from the picture.

What to do on rainy days

I walked outside to find a perfectly sunny afternoon with a slight breeze and definitely the one with no need for a wool coat. Although sunshine felt pleasant, I wanted the winter season back with its cold air, foggy mornings, extra hot beverages and long reads next to a fireplace. When the temperature dropped significantly last night, and I spied snowflakes in the Tahoe area and rain drops for a Tuesday afternoon, I was more than thrilled! Which brings me to another series of what to do on rainy days! Sadly I had to stay indoors today for most of it, but if I could take the afternoon off, I would definitely go for a drive, one of my favorite things to do in the rain, sit by a window in a coffee shop and perhaps read a book or Instagram, go for a walk in midtown, attend a concert with my sister, play the grand piano in our living room, and definitely get the fire going in the fireplace! Wishing you a happy rainy day! Lots of love, Yuliya