Happy New Year 2013

One night of my life I would relive over and over again is the New Years party with my church. Every year I love it more and more, except it seems like it’s growing shorter in hours. As always together with a team of extra talented people I organized a photo booth for my church and I loved seeing everyone’s creative input make it happen. The end product turned out nothing like the original set up I had in my mind, except of course for the Christmas trees, but in the end I loved the new idea even more. That’s enough of talking, enjoy the photos and hope you have a fabulous 2013!!! After all 13 is my favorite number.

First one of me with James, who made everyone look good with his off camera light set up! Thanks a ton, James.


Can’t get enough of this sweet couple

My nephew Jeremy’s first photo booth photo




I love this family, they were my adopted family when I lived in LA during my college years.

This duo made my night, they had the most fun at the booth






Favorite people ever with their little girl Adelle!

My very first second shooter Aleksey with his lovely wife!

These girls brighten my every single day, love them!

Dina and me!

This girl, reads my blog every.single.day!

One of my favorite photos this year!


Where would I be without my photog friends? Thank you guys for everything.

And one more of yours truly . . .

Happy 2013!!!

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I love camp, and 101 reasons for it

Every year I dust off the tent (or more like my sister does), bake some sweets (well maybe my sister did this time around), shop for a ton of food (a ton is a very close description), and drive forty miles to Rollings Lake for some best camping experience ever. I love camping with my church family and every year wish it was a tad bit longer. I think I might off overdid it with pictures this year. Unbeknownst to me I took over 600 . . . aren’t you glad I don’t shoot film?

Because of my love of camp, I decided to complement photos with short descriptions of why the camp absolutely rocks! So here you go:

101 reasons why we have the best church camp around . . .

. . . campground is less than an hour away and sits right on the lake (well maybe next to it)

. . . superb camp fires

. . . Starbucks coffee served for breakfast

. . . little details get attention

. . . the kitchen

. . . the head chef is my mom

. . . the cutest kids around

. . . breakfast menu inspired by Ettore’s bakery

. . . pastor serving breakfast

. . . homemade crepes with raspberry jam and sour cream, or an option of fresh strawberries and blueberries on the side, should I go in more detail?

. . . the sweetest people

. . . my clients all around

. . . graphic designers who are also amazing chefs

. . . guitar players who are also lifeguards

. . . did I mention the kids yet?

. . . remember the time you asked your teacher to have class outside?

. . . sermons on Deuteronomy

. . . amazing everything including the sunsets

. . . volleyball . . . that’s right I don’t have a pictures and for one small reason . . . the difficulty of holding a camera in one hand and spiking a ball with the other. Click HERE to watch a slideshow of the entire camp!

I would do camp all over again, at least twice a month, just in time to get my clothes washed in between. Can’t wait for next year.

2012 Photo Booth

How about a fun photo booth to kick off 2012? I sure love new year celebrations, too bad I have to wait till next year for another one. Here are some of my favorites from the night. And if you like playing Waldo you can try to find me in a few of these photos ;). Too bad I didn’t find the red and white scarf. Thank you to all of you who participated, it was a blast!

Olesya came all the way from Portland to hang out with us, love this girl!

So sad one of my sisters had to leave early, but here is the rest of us 😉

And yours truly once again . . .

Cheers to an amazing year!

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2011 Celebration

Happy 2011! I could not be more thrilled about last night. I love spending New Year’s with my church family. This time we tried doing something new and added a photo booth to the evening. This was my first photo booth and I loved shooting it. I’m planning to make a few adjustments to it, buy some more fun cloth for the backdrop, and rent it out for weddings. Oh yes, and I will buy a polaroid for next time 😉 Cheers!

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My lovely sisters.

My younger sister Nadia with her husband Vincent, and the cutest kid, Josiah.

My brother-in-law Vitaly

My older sister Olya with Vitaly and Josiah.

Slavic helped me to photograph throughout the night. Thanks so much 😉

These two did not need costumes 😉

Some of you might remember my second shooter Aleksey.

My “twin sister” on the right.

And yours truly, Yuliya.

A big thank you to my dad who made the photo booth, to Peter who helped put it together, to my mom for shopping with me for frames, and to my sister Dina who made the mustaches, the awesome polka dot bow, and tried on every single top hat available in the store. Also a big thank you to Slavic for photographing along, and to all the cool people who brought fun and personalities to the photo booth. I enjoyed it immensely.

Looking back and looking forward

I’m looking forward to my extremely busy weekend, but the beginning of this week has been very relaxing for me.

Some highlights of this week were :
…breakfast with Dina at my favorite European bakery
…shopping with Dina at Trader Joe’s
…finishing last assignments for my business class
…receiving great feedback from my last photo shoot
…booking weddings for next year
…planning for Christmas party this Saturday

Some things I’m looking forward to this weekend:
…going to see the Nutcracker for my friend’s birthday
…shooting a wedding at Palo Alto
…attending a Christmas Party
…rehearsing for Christmas Concert

And because posts are always better with a photo. Here are a few we did with Mike, Ira and Katia back in November. I absolutely love this family. I have known them for over six years, and they have been a great blessing in my life. Happy Thursday!

It’s beginning to look . . .

. . . a lot like Christmas.
If you haven’t noticed, I have snow falling on my blog.
The calendar officially says December.
It is actually snowing somewhere, just not where I live of course.
Christmas music is playing on the radio, at least in my car.
Trader Joe’s has more assortments of chocolates and sweets than you can try for the next ten Christmases.
My living room shrunk significantly in size, yet the Christmas tree made it way cozier.
A Nutcracker brochure came in the mail.
Wishzilla has a winter theme up, with pretty ornaments and pine cones.
. . . and families get together for pictures.

On a cold Thanksgiving morning I had the privilege of meeting Anna and Aleksey’s family, a sweet couple from my church. I’m not really good at shooting family sessions, but who can say no to such a wonderful family. They were just ideal. Despite the cold, they kept changing outfits, were always ready for more photos, and meanwhile being completely enthusiastic and fun to work with. Thank you for making my Thanksgiving morning extra special. I hope to learn all of your names the next time around.

A fav

Love the sun flare

The mansion is not bad either

Anna has three sisters, I can totally relate ;).

That bright blue jacket just makes my day.

A little more casual

I could shoot in front of that building all day, foreeeeal!

And some more of the lovely Anna and her husband Aleksey!