Ten hours of getting smart

A few days ago I spent an afternoon with my friends and their new addition to the family, a lovely tiny little girl with the cutest name. In between I asked my friend, who is very successful in business, about the role that reading and learning plays in his business. One thing I took away from our conversation is that acquiring knowledge is unavoidable if you want to succeed, and you do that either by learning from books or by learning from mentors in your specific business. I thought about how I started in business, and how I’ve never would have done it if not for mentors (some direct and some indirect, like blog reading), simply because my knowledge in business accumulated to a negative and the closest experience I had with business, is my college roommate my freshmen year was a business major! After three years of running my own business and learning a ton, I still feel the need for knowing more. I used to put aside book reading in business field, because it takes time and there are so many other things needing attention, but one thing that helps me to stop and dedicate time for it is this quote from Tim Sanders’ Love is the Killer App,

“Ten hours of getting smart will yield the same value creation as forty hours of busy work.”

And while I still have a long way to figure out the balance between acquiring knowledge and putting it all into practice, I am happy to have learned this and am excited to see the fruits of learning in my business. Happy Friday and happy reading!


Quotable Thursday

“I’ve heard her play; she’s reeeeally good,” a pianist from Dinah’s class told me this morning after our brief introduction and discovery that my sister and him are in the same music program at the university. We chatted about a few things after, since music majors and me seem to find a common language pretty quick, and I walked away thinking about Dinah’s progress in musicianships in a mere four years or so. When she started college, she was an undecided major, taking art and photoshop classes, and noooooow . . . she’s brushing up on her Brahms and Chopin (probably not Chopin, but he sounds cool) for her coming up recitals? Who does that? Which leads me to another series of Quotable Thursdays! Today’s quote is from Geoff Colvin’s book, Talent is Overrated. I suggest for you to buy it not only because it will change your life, well at least redirect it in a good way, but also because it’s only $10.88 on Amazon while only a few months back it was closer to $20. And the quote is:

“Mozart became Mozart by working furiously hard” – Geoff Colvin

As the title of the book suggests, talent is NOT something people are born with, but something they develop by working really hard in one specific area. I’m often called talented when it comes to photography, but if you’d look at my pictures from six years ago, you would never have concluded I have any. As the years go by, my sister will hear from many that she’s very talented, or has a gift, but they’ll be surprised when they hear she started playing piano only at 19!!! This book is filled with awesome quotes and great advice for any area, but I hope this quote alone will help you reevaluate your possibilities and perhaps pursue something you’ve never called yourself talented in. Happy Thursday!

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