Pen and Paper Weddings Feature

There are some weddings that are simply fairytale like and I would choose to shoot them over and over again. Ella and Anatoliy’s wedding was one of those. These two have the sweetest and most caring ways and I’m thrilled to see their wedding photos featured on Pen and Paper Weddings, a blog focused on young and sweet love, just what Ella and Anatoliy are all about!

A Paper Proposal Feature

Remember Kirsten and David’s gorgeous engagement session? Ahhh, it’s an honor to have it featured on A Paper Proposal today! You can find the feature here and leave some comment love to Sarah!

What can I say the Moore sisters are dominating the blog this week. Kirsten is Lindsey’s sister, whose engagement shoot I just blogged. Love those girls, can’t wait to meet their younger sister too ;).

Featured: Pretty Little Weddings

These two always make me smile. They sured rocked out one of the most gorgeous weddings with gold details, chandeliers, and a fancy ride, yet it’s their big hearts and their true care for those around them that stand out the most. I met Natalie at a choir practice in ’07. I still remember my older sister’s excitement when she introduced me to Natalie. She sure is one of the most musically talented people I know, but more so, she has the most creative mind on doing good and she always seeks for ways to serve others, whatever it may be. Paul I met during their wedding planning. I was amazed at how wonderfully he complements Natalie, and when their wedding came about, I couldn’t be more happier for them. When Jillian asked me to feature their wedding on her blog, I was more than thrilled.

You can check out Natalie and Paul’s wedding feature here, and make sure to leave a comment ;). Cheers, Yuliya.

Featured on Pretty Little Weddings

It’s one thing to photograph a friend, and totally different to photograph a fellow photographer. It’s an absolute honor to have someone who constantly looks at photos, and photographs themselves, to consider me to take their pictures! Ah . . . totally humbling. I met Olesya about a year and a half ago and I love everything about her. Her fun style, clothes choice, the way she makes others laugh and many other little quirks peculiar to her. In March we got to be roommates during church retreat and we’ve grown even closer since then. When she first told me of Borya, I disapproved. Not of the guy of course, but of the distance. Borya lives in Washington and I definitely did not want to part with my new friend. Fast forward a few months, we were walking on the shores of Lake Tahoe, taking engagement pictures. What can say? I love this duo so much and can’t wait till their wedding. To add to the happiness, their engagement session was featured today on Pretty Little Weddings! Thank you so much to Jillian for the feature. This girl is amazing. A former award-winning newspaper reporter and now a freelance writer, yep, just my type. Click here to see the feature, and I would appreciate if you leave a comment on Jillian’s blog! Happy Monday!

Featured on Forget Me Knot Weddings

Whenever their names are mentioned or I hear from a blog reader just how much they love their engagement and wedding photos, I get a nudge on the inside and a warm feeling overflows me. Danielle and Jeff were my first real clients and they have a special place in my heart. I started shooting weddings two years before theirs, but it was mostly the people I knew. This couple was just the perfect introduction for me of what it’s like in a real world, and they did it for me. I totally fell in love. With them. With my job. With all things weddings, and I dived in fully into my business without looking back. You can read about how it all started here.

I get many comments on how gorgeous their wedding was and what beautiful details they had, which are all true, but it’s them that I love most. Danielle’s energy and excitement, Jeff’s laid back spirit. These two are fun, friendly, and absolutely lovely. I am incredibly honored to have captured their wedding day. To add to my excitement about these two, their gorgeous garden wedding was featured today on Forget Me Knot Weddings. Thank you lovely ladies who run the blog for the feature. Click here to see more photos.