New blog just like new home, visit from now on!

You know the feeling you have when you move into a new place? You totally love the fun new spaces in your new place, the window light, the new kitchen layout, but as much as you’re excited there’s still a little sadness over having to give up your previous home. The cozy spaces around the house that became so dear, the memories that you’ve created at the old place . . . all need to be given up. That’s exactly how I felt this morning when it hit me that I no longer will blog here, no longer will live in this tiny space with my thoughts and adventures. I love my new blog, but the old one is sentimental just like your previous home! Ah, the feelings of melancholy are over me, but the new place feels so much more spacier, more modern, and more bright! So today I am officially switching to blogging at my new little place on the web And if you haven’t checked yet, I’ve already moved in there with all my 500+ posts plus with a fresh post of Quotable Thursday, which you must read on the new blog!!! I would be delighted if you take a tour of my new blog, and any comments are welcome!!! Happy Thursday! Yuliya.

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