DIY Calendar

Sometime after January 1st I saw a cute DIY calendar on Pinterest and really wanted to make one myself, yet since I don’t usually have one on my wall and because time is limited, I decided to wait on the project and first figure out if it’s going to be practical. Over a few weeks I started noticing the number of times I needed to reference my calendar during the day, and no I didn’t actually keep a score anywhere, but what I did find is that I had to reference it soooo many times. After emailing for an hour yesterday and noticing that I literally had to check my calendar for each correspondence, I approved of my project idea and after a quick photo selection, a trip to Walgreens to pick up the prints, and actually printing out the calendar pages, I have a brand new calendar on my wall. It’s the middle of February, or just a little over, but I’m so happy with the results, the nice touch it adds to my work station and how quickly I can reference the calendar. There’s something special about making things with your hands and seeing your photos in print!




The original calendar idea required used Printstagram to print the photos, but I simply sized down my Instagrams to 3×3 and printed them on a 4×6 print, much cheaper ;). I also decided not to go with the washi tape, because I felt like it took away from the picture.

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