What to do on rainy days

I walked outside to find a perfectly sunny afternoon with a slight breeze and definitely the one with no need for a wool coat. Although sunshine felt pleasant, I wanted the winter season back with its cold air, foggy mornings, extra hot beverages and long reads next to a fireplace. When the temperature dropped significantly last night, and I spied snowflakes in the Tahoe area and rain drops for a Tuesday afternoon, I was more than thrilled! Which brings me to another series of what to do on rainy days! Sadly I had to stay indoors today for most of it, but if I could take the afternoon off, I would definitely go for a drive, one of my favorite things to do in the rain, sit by a window in a coffee shop and perhaps read a book or Instagram, go for a walk in midtown, attend a concert with my sister, play the grand piano in our living room, and definitely get the fire going in the fireplace! Wishing you a happy rainy day! Lots of love, Yuliya

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