Ten reasons you don’t want to be friends with a photographer

1. They can’t just take a picture when you ask them without having to move to a different spot because of the light or background noise
2. They don’t know how to answer a simple question like, “What camera should I buy?” without going into a lecture about photography and lenses
3. They can’t just sit anywhere in a coffee shop, it has to be a spot with the most natural light
4. They won’t photograph everything, because it might not be in their “specialty”
5. They might force you to model for them in case you happened to be standing in a good light
6. They can’t just have a cup of coffee without taking a picture of it first
7. They’ll likely not like you if you ask them what camera they use, since it’s definitely the camera that takes amazing photos
8. They have the lamest jokes, since they’re in the business of making people smile
9. They might give you outfit suggestions without being asked, since they give wardrobe tips to clients on a regular bases
10. All of the above combined

And because posts are better with a photo, here’s a cute gift I received from my client and friend! Thanks Danielle, Jeff and Ridge, love you guys so so much!

4 thoughts on “Ten reasons you don’t want to be friends with a photographer

  1. It’s good to have friends who have an “eye” for attention to detail & make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I’m so glad to have met you years back and to have you as a friend.

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