People who count your falls and 101 reasons I’ll ski again

Remember the last time something over-exceeded your expectations? On Saturday I drove up to Tahoe with a few friends for a day of skiing, aaaaaand more fun than I could ever predict from a mountain of snow and steep hills. The day had more adventures than a mundane Saturday should hold, so after, one of my friends suggested for someone to write a book about it, and although this is not a book, it’s pretty close! I don’t remember writing such a long post in a while, but hopefully it will make up for a week of silence after, in case I get picked for jury duty tomorrow morning! So happy Monday and happy reading!

100 Reasons I will never go skiing again …

….Skiers’ etiquette, you can’t say excuse me or I’m sorry while passing others
… People on snow mobiles who give your a ride for 20 feet when you expect them to take you down the mountain
… Careless people who drive their cars over others’ snowboards (sorry Alex)
… People who ask you your weight (I didn’t find that on skiing manual)
… People who don’t pick up their phones, or throw them into snow (much better option)
… Friends who watch the sunset from the mountain and make you call ski patrol for them
… People who say they’re looking for you, but are really catching the next lift for another ride
… Weird old men on lifts, who don’t make sense and tell skiing stories from the eighties
… Resort workers who tell you to move over on the lift
… Ski lifts that randomly assign you a date, just ask my fiend Anna
… Or worse people on lifts that try to hook you up
… Alternating lines for ski lifts that almost separated me from my teacher
… Snowboarders who head straight for where you’re sitting and then use chairs to make turns (that’s NOT a good first impression)
… Snowboarders who think they can glide under things … Ivan that only works in movies
… Lame guys who make their date suffer going uphill to the lift without giving them a push
… Snowboarders who go off path
… People who ski backwards
… People who lose their Christmas presents on the mountain (I see how it is Dina)
… People who don’t speak loud enough on the ski slope and then label you as deaf and blind
… People who take a hundred pictures, make these cool panoramas and post only one on Instagram
… Ski instructors who ask if you really expected them to help you come to a stop!!! (Obviously not everyone knows about the “I’ll catch you if you fall” stop)
… People who make your jaw hurt from laughing
… People who count your falls and then separate their falls into categories of intentional falls, not a full fall, sliding down the mountain falls … so basically my ski instructor had no falls

101 Reasons I’ll go skiing again and again …

… Skiers’ etiquette, you’ll get the needed push without asking
… People who get you fully covered with outfits, skis, and even give you an option of goggles when you complain, Mike you’ve outdone yourself
… People who help you put on and take off your ski boots without breaking my ankle
… Ski patrol that will get your sister down from the mountain even if on the last cable car
… Little kids who ask you for permission to ski by you when you’re waiting for a lift
… Resort workers who’ll pull you uphill to the ski lift
… Resort workers who’ll secure you to your skis even with little English
… People who take pictures of you so I can relive the amazing memories and views of Tahoe
… People who wait to Instagram a photo of you until you’ve successfully got down the ski slope
… The sudden silence that hits you once you get on the lift (those were my favorite moments)
… Nice skiers on the slopes that help strangers tighten their skis and will pull uphill a poor snowboarder (clearly ski etiquette changes on every slope)
… Ski instructors who coach you the entire way down the mountain with . . . you got this, now get a little speed, watch for that snow, keep turning your head, bend your knees, straighten out, get some speed, turn your head, raise your poles, YOU GOT THIS!
… People who hike uphill on their skis to help you put yours on when they fall off (the skis not the people)
… People who remind you to look at the horizon at the gorgeous view and not just at the snow downhill
… Friends who do comeback for you when the resort shuts down
… Friends who wait for you in the freezing weather holding their snowboards until you safely off the mountain
… People who’ll drive a spare key to you in case yours happens to lock itself in the trunk, good thing it didn’t happen in Tahoe
… People who’ll ski at your speed of .00001 miles per hour and not make you feel bad
… Snowboarders who know what they’re doing and will ride around you
… People who’ll save the scary stories once you’re off the lift, for the most part
… People who’ll watch you fall and not make fun of you
… People who’ll enjoy themselves with beginners even though they could be riding the hardest terrains
… People who tell you jokes to make the waiting time between the pain attacks and heat strokes more enjoyable
… People who say you got this with every turn and stop

What a day, thank you friends for making my ski trip so amazing, can’t wait to feel the snow again, with my skis of course ;).

And since posts are better with a picture, here’s a proof of my adventure


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