My little ocean

He ran up to me with greatest enthusiasm, as always saying my name several times. There’s nothing like having this little guy over and having him greet me at the door with his sweet voice. While giving me a hug, I’ve noticed his tiny hands curled into fists. Puzzled, I asked him what’s in his hands, and to my surprise he excitedly repeated, “OCEAN, OCEAN!!!” The mystery of ocean was resolved once he brought his hand straight to my nose and opened for me to smell a mixture of flowery scents. Upon hearing me say, “oh . . . lotion,” he answered, “OCEAN???, ok, mo ocean!!!” and ran into my sisters room to bring some for me. After asking for help to put more lotion on his hands (for the tenth time my sister stated), he went off as happy as one can be about all the buttery ocean he held in his hands!

Oh, Josiah, you never cease to amaze me with your sweet ways to cheer me up, to brighten any cloudy day, and to add colorful memories to everyone around you. One day you’ll grow up and will be more sparse with your hugs, but for now thank you for being my little ocean of hopes and dreams, sweet smiles and bright notes! I love you!


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