Mom? Dad? Friends???

“Any parting words?” I asked Dina while dropping her off at college. She gave me a puzzled glance. “You know like anything you would like to share with me before you go back into THE CAVE!!!” Sometime in November of last year, before her semester was over I referred to Dina’s college life as a cave. “Who me?” She asked. “I don’t live in a cave . . .” But after some thought and remembering the dark piano practice room she visits regularly at college and her overall disconnectedness from the world she agreed that she indeed does live in a cave. When the semester was over she posted the picture below on Facebook and ever since the cave jokes keep coming. Dina, I will miss you tremendously during another school semester, and when you’ll miss me . . . you’ll find me right outside the cave, WITH OPEN ARMS! -Yuliya


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