Best Read of 2012

The sun was high up in the sky, filling every corner in the park. After finding a somewhat shaded spot, my sister and I spread a blanket on the soft grass and plunged into our readings before some volleyball with friends. My read was so good that I started reading out loud to Dinah (I wonder how she bears with me sometimes too). A few months later on my way back from NYC, I browsed through the book on my iPad once again and couldn’t believe how helpful and straight to the point it was. It helped me to narrow down my story, reconsider my business model, encouraged me to read more books, and was fun and interesting to read. Out of all the reads from last year, Start Something That Matters made the top list and if you know me well, I just might read it again. Happy reading and I hope you find it inspirational too!

And since posts are better with a photo, here’s my latest read, although it’s coming kind of hard so far

2 thoughts on “Best Read of 2012

  1. This is very inspirational, and I always liked to read myself, but with a toddler it is not feasible any time soon, have fun reading Yulya!!!!

  2. I totally remember that moment on the grass, I loved that book, even with the little that I heard from it, it was awesome. Made me want to read that book also, I think I finished the first chapter… I know, I know I’m super slow.

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