What to do on rainy days and quintessential Tchaikovsky

Wind was pushing with all its force against us as we ran on the slippery sidewalks still wet from rain. One more block seemed like forever, but we made it to the box office just in time. Sitting comfortably in our living room only a few minutes prior, something prompted me to check the dates for the Nutcracker. None of the nights of the ballet were open for either of us, except, well that same night!!! The colorful show with its quintessential Tchaikovsky arrangements has become our very own tradition the last four Christmases, and since waiting for the next year would have been too long, we rushed out of the house into the cold December night. And maybe this time being almost late paid off with $15 tickets in the ORCHESTRA section!!!

This time around we brought a little memory with us from the ballet and the ornament now graces the front of our Christmas tree. Watching my favorite scene of the dance of the snowflakes, where snow keeps gently falling on the stage, I was so thankful to have made it and more so to have someone very much like me enjoying it with me! Sisters are the best gift ever! Merry Christmas, Dina!



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