Gift without a price tag

He curled into a ball and quickly fell asleep. I kept checking the camera monitor until he disappeared from the camera. Opening the door quietly I was greeted with shiny blue eyes starring at me from the crib, one hand leaning on the polka dot sheet and the other holding up a toy to his mouth, and all just out of the reach of the camera so I couldn’t see. Oh the little Jeremy! We spent the rest of the afternoon playing and reading and yes, taking pictures together. With Christmas just around the corner and gift giving in full swing, I was reminded again that one of the most precious gift one can offer is their time! It’s much easier to order a gift online and hey even have it wrapped for you, but this one you can’t put a price tag on!


Jeremy’s daily read . . .


And one of us together, having a very good time!

5 thoughts on “Gift without a price tag

  1. awe…thank you aunt Yuliya for taking your time and spending it with me and capturing these beautiful moments.
    -love, Jeremy (with mama’s help:)

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