WordPress, It’s the 21st century after all, and a visit to Apple Hill

Oh WordPress can it be? I can now add my images all at once instead of one at a time? Gosh I can now upload 120 pictures instead of 20 for each shoot. I probably lost you by now, but to make a short story long, I mean the other way around, WordPress now allows me to insert pictures into my blog post with just one click. I can’t imagine how many hours I’ve spent just clicking back and forth to insert images into my blog posts and finally WordPress has realized it’s the 21st century!!! Ah, why it took them so long, not sure, probably because they want me to be a writer and not a photographer, I get it. Anyway, since I am just as much about pictures as I am about writing, here are a few lovely shots from my very first Apple Hill trip with my friends. And you did get that right, it was truly my first visit even though I drove by Apple Hill thousand of time, no actually more. Oh the things I’ve missed out. Here’s to Apple Hill, making new traditions and to yummy Apple Pies! Cheers, world!


My lovely friend Anna, always lovely!

And this one is a favorite, because I barely have any pictures with my sister Dina. It’s a little out of focus, but I don’t mind.

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