Christmassed out

Remember that time you enjoyed something immensely and wanted to repeat the experience over and over? That’s exactly how I feel about Christmas and all the fun things that come around this time a year. My younger sister performed in three Christmas concerts with her university choir this weekend and I was lucky to attend two of those. I would have gone the third time, but I was afraid they wouldn’t let me in. But really this is just a beginning of endless Christmas concerts, trips to ballet for the Nutcracker, cookie baking days, and lots, lots of nights cozying on up by the fireplace. What’s your favorite Christmas thing to do?


And if you haven’t noticed, I totally have snow falling on my blog

7 thoughts on “Christmassed out

  1. Christmas is such a great time of the year, especially if you have a sister and if she happens to be an amazing photographer and she can take family pictures and keep this time memorable for all the years to come. Thank you dear that you are such a sister! Love, V+O+J

  2. sitting by the fireplace, peppermint Mocha’s, walking through the Pavilion when it’s all decorated, playing at Christmas concert at church, playing our favorite Christmas duets, rocking out to Christmas music while decorating the Christmas tree, cookie baking party, and of course the Nutcracker…are a few of my favorite Christmas things.

  3. FUNNNNNNN. I love love love Christmas. My favorite thing…sitting by my parents or parents in law’s fireplace & eating my Mom’s Christmas cookies.

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