Marina + Pavel+ Vera

“I’m still reading your blog, every entry of it,” Marina wrote to me in the email when I contacted her about my upcoming trip to NY. And that’s when I knew that even if we end up being in two different parts of New York state, no matter how far, I would have to meet this person and thank her for being my supporter and my blog reader and well . . . simply amazing! Marina found my blog through her cousin Irina over a year and half ago and has followed my daily ramblings since. I had no idea she’s still reading since that time, but I was reaffirmed when we strolled around Brooklyn parks together and everything I referenced she knew about. It’s like we’ve been friends for like always . . . that’s how small the world becomes thanks to Internet.

World, meet Marina, Pavel and their sweet daughter Vera. We met up while on my trip to NY in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and I simply loved our time together. Thank you Marina and family for all that you are, your support across the continent and your beautiful smiles!!! Can’t wait to see you next time! With much appreciation, Yuliya

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