Olesya + Borya + Baby

I’ll always remember her as the girl in bright magenta jacket. That’s my first memory of her. We met while driving through the redwoods to a cabin retreat and I can still remember the jacket she was wearing. She came into my life unexpectedly and left just as soon. We quickly grew close through our love for all things photography and Olesya even assisted me at a wedding. Now my only chances of seeing her are special occasions, holidays, and perhaps trips to Portland. This time she announced there won’t be any visits soon because . . . well this little new addition to their family. My friend demanded that each one of her girl friends has to come up for a month after the baby is born and since my wedding season doesn’t start until March, I might just have to make a winter trip to Portland. (Somebody buy me warm clothes!!!) Olesya and Borya visited town for a few days and I’m so thankful for a shoot we did together, since it guaranteed more time to spend with them. Right after we went to a Bible study together and seeing my friend take her usual spot at the table made me realize just how much I’ve missed her!

Dear Olesya and Borya, I’m so thankful for you two and truly treasure our friendship. And your modeling skills … are only getting better. Miss you guys, Yuliya.

Just love this one!

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