Your birthday . . . today and everyday

My sweetest sister, friend, roommate, listener, artist, pianist, cello player . . . I’m not sure where I’d be without you. Definitely not blogging, because really who could bear reading my first posts with bad grammar. Definitely not photographing, because really who could endure modeling in front of abandoned houses, cars parked out in busy streets, dirty street alleys and a random tree next to the road. Definitely not being a normal human being, because really without you listening to all my wild dreams and new ideas which I happen to think of faster than I can breath in the oxygen on this planet . . . I might of turned into a self-talking, crazy and dysfunctional kind of person. Should I go on? Because really I wouldn’t be much anything without you! Thank you for a reason to celebrate YOU . . . today and everyday! Happy Birthday Dinah!

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