Those days in Jerusalem, Business, and Destination

There was something freeing in walking the streets aimlessly, taking in the city views with its distinct smells and sounds, and maybe eventually ending up somewhere adventurous, but not necessary. Some of my favorite times in Jerusalem were days just like that, where no one really cared about destination, as long as we wondered inside the perimeters of the Turkish walls surrounding the Old City, and as long as we existed one of the gates before we needed to catch our bus. And the time I may or may not have wondered into a restricted area with my friends, well let’s just say it was part of being adventurous.

While that’s all good while exploring an ancient city, I’ve learned that it doesn’t work so well with the rest of life. In fact, if there’s one thing that I keep learning over and over this year is that you need a destination, a target of sorts first, and then action. Although I’ve been in business for almost three years now, I’m not sure if I’ve ever understood this fully. As with anything in life, if you don’t have a target, chances are you are not going to hit it. But somehow I have dismissed that when it came to running my business and let myself wonder aimlessly, doing lots of things, yet not really getting anywhere. Last week I was asked twice how to start in photography business and I ended up answering with a question, “What is your destination?” If you would have asked me a few months ago, I would have never given that answer, but at the moment, I’m convinced as never before that first you need a goal, and then you need to make a road map to reach it. I read it somewhere in a book that any plan is better than no plan, and of course this makes me wish it would have sunk into my brain much earlier. But I’ve also read it somewhere that it’s never too late to start!!! So before you plunge into more action, write down your goal and then plan appropriate steps to reach it! Cheers, Yuliya.

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