Cerissa & Robert: Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, San Jose Wedding

Sunny and clear skies. That was not only the weather forecast, but their mood throughout the day. After years of planning their wedding day together, dreaming of the big and small moments, Cerissa and Robert were all smiles, walking hand in hand enjoying their wedding day to the fullest.

Filled with friends and relatives most of whom traveled from Chicago, the room where Cerissa got ready couldn’t be more happier. And the stunning views on San Jose downtown from their window only added to beauty of the day. In the midst of all the preparation Cerissa made time for every single person who happened to be near by. The radiant bride played with her best friend’s daughter, fixed the hair of one of her flower girls, offered suggestions to the bridesmaids, listened to everyone’s concerns and of course . . . smiled. With tiara on her head, she truly ruled the day with her high spirits. And it only got better with Robert by her side. Kneeling under the large cupola of the church, with minister’s voice echoying against the fresco lined walls, Robert and Cerissa vowed to love each other as they already have throughout many years. Through windy paths, in the midst of running a business together, and finding time for things that matter, they’ve always ended up by each other’s side . . . supporting, caring, and loving.

Cerissa and Robert, you two are amazing! I’m super thrilled to have been a part of your wedding day. Thank you for your care, attentiveness and smiles. While you may take breaks from planning and working, I hope that you never take breaks from dreaming and growing closer to each other. Thank you for all that you are and congratulations on your marriage! Love, Yuliya.

I may or may not be obsessed with Cerissa’s shoes!

Thank you to Patricia for the lovely hair and make up job!

Miss beautiful!

Thank you to my friend Julia for the shot below!

Moments after ceremony

And this is where you melted my heart, love!

Robert and Cerissa chose one of their favorite places for their wedding photos, and lucky for us, the spot they frequently visit offered amazing light!


Cerissa and Robert had one of the most unique guest books! Thank you to Grace of Red Jasmine Weddings for coordinating all the details!

To see more of Cerissa and Robert’s Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph wedding click HERE for slideshow



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