Rachel & Charlie: Northcreek Church Wedding

With a little bit of encouragement from a friend, Charlie wrote an email to a girl he’s met only once at a coffee shop in China. Rachel was catching up with friends before leaving China to go back to the States when she was introduced to him. There wasn’t much time to get to know each other closer, but it was definitely enough time for something inside them to kindle. When Rachel opened an email written in a mixture of Chinese and English, she knew exactly who it came from. The soon to follow emails and Skype chats only confirmed for Charlie that he found in Rachel everything he was looking for and after first boldly telling her that he likes her, he soon announced to her that he loves her and wants to marry her. Another girl might of wavered, but not Rachel. The guy from a coffee shop was beyond everything she hoped for in a husband and she didn’t mind the extra bonus of going back to the country she loved dearly. After shopping for a wedding dress, she jumped on a plane to China where she found Charlie on one knee with 99 roses. And the rest is history. It was a great honor to have witnessed their American wedding in California, although I’m sure their two Chinese weddings were quite an adventure as well.

Rachel and Charlie, thank you for inviting me to capture your sweet wedding! I’m so honored to know you two. Charlie, I’ve met you only at the wedding, but I couldn’t imagine a better husband for Rachel. And Rachel, sweet friend, I’m so thankful for your friendship, your care, your amazing journey that always encourages me! I love you both and can’t wait to run into you two again, hey maybe even in China! Love you lots, Yuliya.

The first time I met Rachel we were studying Hebrew together, it was quite a treat to hear her say her vows in Chinese.

On the very right is Diana, another sweet friend I met while on a study abroad semester in Israel.


You two make a gorgeous couple together!!!!

Rachel’s sister provided most beautiful florals!

Rachel worked at Peet’s while in the States and their famous tea jars were lovely incorporated into a sweets table!

To see more of Rachel and Charlie’s NorthCreek Church wedding click HERE for slideshow.

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Rachel & Charlie: Northcreek Church Wedding

  1. oh my word! yuliya, beautiful, beautiful photos! and RACHEL! you look gorgeous and so so happy! i am so happy for you both! and awesome about the vows in Chinese!!!! 😀 becca (boone) baughman

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