The day I got a twin

The day was nearing to the end. The store had barely any customers and no one seemed too in a rush to get our order placed. Bored and completely exhausted after trying on what seemed like a thousand pairs of glasses in the past few hours, Dinah and I leisurely sat in the large orange chairs spread throughout the store inventing ways to brighten the long afternoon. With iPad in hand, I took pictures of Dinah in every “potential” pair she picked out, and then we would critique whether or not this was the one. I figured the photos she smiled in most enthusiastically must fit her best, since they made her happy. Do I make the best conclusions in the world or what? By the time we got helped she found yet another pair she liked after I directed her to randomly take the first pair and try it on, because really, after looking at frames all day, ALL glasses looked the same. At the end of the day we came home with two pairs of glasses and a large inflatable ball with an eye painted on it which the store clerk offered for our nephew. That might not sound like a friendly toy, but not if you know my nephew.

And here are the photos as a proof of all the fun shopping for glasses entails. The problem now is that we might look even more alike, but after all it might not be such a bad thing since Dinah could go shoot wedding for me and I could take college classes for her! Happy Weekend from yours truly!

4 thoughts on “The day I got a twin

  1. haha, this was so much fun. I’ll make sure to let you know when my next performance is, so that you can go play for me. And I will gladly go shoot a wedding for you. 😉

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