Natalie & Paul: Anniversary Shoot

When I think of Paul and Natalie I think . . . Frank Sinatra, floral patterns, vintage, live music, meaningful conversations, beach cruisers, books . . . just to name a few. They love a good time, a long conversation, finding new ways to help others, and of course they love having each other by their side, all.the.time. I had the honor of documenting their wedding and it was extra sweet to spend some time with them around their one year anniversary. Natalie and Paul’s first home together is one of the neatest ever, filled with vintage finds, beautiful light, and all things that represent them. Spending a Friday afternoon with them was a blast, not mentioning the good meal I was fed and coffee with pastries I was offered after (truly people after my heart). Our times together reminded me of how blessed I am in every single way, I left encouraged and excited . . . aaaaaand to make our time even sweeter, I brought home a few memories. Natalie and Paul, I love you guys. Thank you for all that you are and for the thoughtful ways you bless others. I will cherish our times together for always, Happy Anniversary! Yuliya

6 thoughts on “Natalie & Paul: Anniversary Shoot

  1. Hi my name is June and I was referred to check out your work by another photographer – Monika Greenway! I am so glad I did. Not only do I LOVE your style but my husband and I lived at this duplex before we bought our house 3 years ago!!!!! I was scrolling through your blog and admiring how you see the world when suddenly I realized I was looking at the inside of what used to be my home!!! Surreal!!! Beautiful job! Such a small world 🙂

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