A summer of Julia

She came into my life sometime during my freshmen year of college via email and ever since our paths have always somehow crossed. If I were to describe Julia in a few words, she’s fun, simple yet with exquisite taste, easy going, forgiving, and a very good friend. She has this natural way to befriend, to make others like her instantly, and to bring fresh and exciting perspective on anything in life. Chances are you’ve seen Julia around me sometime this summer, either along on a photo shoot with me, dining out at my favorite bakery, exploring California together . . . since really this has been for me a summer of Julia. The days I didn’t feel like going forward, she would call me an entrepreneur, one of those fancy words I’ll never be able to pronounce. The times I needed a push in my business, she would remind me of my priorities and the need to take big steps. The days I needed a friend to text, to come eat a dinner I’ve prepared, to listen to the new things I’ve discovered . . . she’s been there for me and I couldn’t be more thankful for her. Dear Julia, I wish you the sweetest birthday, thank you for turning many of my gloomy days into bright and exciting ones! A summer of you was unforgettable and I hope fall and winter will be too. Happy Birthday sweet friend!

In July sometime around my birthday, Julia’s mom came to visit her all the way from Russia and we’ve captured some memories on Lake Tahoe.

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