The next time I go around the world . . . alone

We thought of you, she said, and handed me white fortune cookie slip, which gave away they had a family outing at PF Chang’s.  Most of last week I was in town all alone.  In fact while driving home from a band practice on Thursday, I realized that not one of my family members was in town, all from the oldest to youngest were walking (well those who can walk) on the sandy beaches of Del Mar, catching warm ocean waves and dad even gave away that they played two on two beach volleyball.  I wasn’t jealous a bit . . . until that is I heard the word volleyball.  Thank you dear family, for planning vacation during my wedding season, please don’t ask when I take off on a around the world tour, all ALONE.

On another note, this made me extremely thankful for my family, for having someone most of the time always there for me, listening to my dreams of riding horses through Sahara Desert, drinking coffee on the streets of Jerusalem and taking in views from the Bosphorus cruise ship.

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