Take what you have and make it work

Have you ever skipped over a recipe because you didn’t have that one ingredient? I can’t tell you how many cakes I didn’t make because when younger I thought vanilla extract was something that really made the cake. If someone would just have told me that it was more of a flavor factor, oh the headache I would miss. Who doesn’t love perfect recipes with all the ingredients? Yet, if you’d ask my mom or grandma, you don’t always have that luxury. “We took whatever we had and made it work,” my grandma once told me after sharing her crepe recipe. “During war time,” she would continue, “. . . one egg was all I had for crepes, but you can put six to eight.” My mom has similar stories where a substitute of a substitute had to do.

There’s something about living in a luxury world that makes us forget that it’s possible to get by even when all you have is substitute. And most of us have far more than substitutes. A few weeks ago, I accidentally scheduled my lens rental pickup for Friday instead of Thursday, and then went out of town for Friday. Somewhere mid afternoon I realized that I would have to start shooting the wedding with the lenses I had until my assistant could pick up the rental. Styling bouquets outside the bride’s house in the morning, I really wished for a 50mm lens that I’m so used to. I looked at Dina, my source of confidence, sister and often a second shooter, and told her that I don’t like this, but we will make it work, because one lens is all I had when I started this business after all. The funny thing is that I really like the bouquet shots and the other portraits I took with a different lens than what I’m used to, because it offered a fresh approach and a different look.

Often I take the same approach to many things in life and business. Since I don’t have this, or it’s not as perfect as I want it, I’m therefore not able to do this or that. Don’t have all the experience, not enough resources or just one lens short . . . whatever the excuse I have them and often miss out on a cake, because of one teaspoon of vanilla extract. That morning reminded me again that I don’t need to have it all, that “Artfulness is a way to take what you’ve got and to make it work.” -anonymous.

And because posts are better with a photo . . . here’s a sneak peek of Natalie and Paul’s anniversary shoot, love them!

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