School all over again and in style

Dear Apple, 

Thanks for the email about going back to college with a few bright ideas.  I sure wish you had the sleek looking  MacBook around when I started school what to speak of iPad, I would definitely be the hit of the library.  The iPhone, the iPod touch, all came out after I graduated, which kind of makes me want to do school all over again and in style.  

The forever student in heart, 


Every August my inbox is full with invitations for all things related to college.  Textbook rentals from Amazon reminders,  student amazon prime membership for half off, and  of course the Apple educational deals.  It would be all good except I just happen to love college and am always tempted to go get more education.  I feel a “back to college longing fever” every end of summer, especially when my sister does all the back to school things.  Thoughts like what it’d be like to take a business related class, learn more about a favorite period of history, study the unending conflict in the Middle East … often cross my mind, oh and don’t get me started on finishing up my English major pursuit or getting a business degree.  

Yet as much as I am jealous of the cool kids at Starbucks with heavy books and Apple laptops, I’m happy to continue learning on my own.  I might not get grades, but who likes tests anyway?  In fact many college students dream of reading books they want and when they want to, so why not do just that?  As fall is approaching, I’m excited to make a plan for new awesome reads and hey I can even do it at Starbucks with white headphones and glossy Apple screens.  

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