Citrus Heights Community Center Wedding: Liza & Vova

While walking through the park for the last sunset photos Vova suddenly picked up his bride just to spin her around from happiness. It’s moments like these that highlighted their wedding . . the attention and love Vova poured towards Liza, and her gentleness and sweetness that melts anyone’s heart. The sunny August afternoon of their wedding day turned out especially warm, but with all the happiness and joy around the bride hardly noticed. Surrounded by her sisters and closest friends, Liza got into her dress with her mom sewing a few loose pieces of lace and her little sister getting teary eyed, barely old enough to take in the occasion. While all attention was on the bride, Liza returned it all back to those around her. Even on her wedding she gave herself fully to others, through extra hugs and compliments. Having five younger sisters, it somewhat came naturally. And when Liz and Vova were finally standing by each other’s side, vowing to be there for one another, to cherish and to hold, they’ve already been practicing that for many days because of their selfless loving ways.

Dear Liza and Vova, where do I start? Probably from our first coffee date when you shyly admitted that you once saw me at a local store, but wavered to say hi. Who would have thought that months later we would be celebrating together at your wedding? I’m so thrilled to have been part of your day and wanted to thank you for your kind hearts, sweet words, and the attention you never cease to give to those around you. Whatever is in store for you, I’m sure you’ll triumph in many victories together, because of your care and love. As you’re enjoying a few last sun rays on Catalina Island, here are some photos to continue the honeymoon bliss! Much love and appreciation, Yuliya.

Nothing like having a mom help with the last touch ups

When the bridal party thinks I’m funny, it’s a win win.

When Liza and Vova decided last minute that they wanted to see each other before the ceremony I couldn’t be more thrilled, and after these shots below, they completed melted my heart!

Oh sweet Liz, you’re so beautiful!

There are two sets of siblings in this bridal party and I say sisters are a girl’s best friends . . . (Liza’s sisters on each side of her)

Mr & Mrs

I love it when the bride and groom plan a few photos around sunset, with all the worry of the wedding day behind them, the portraits are so relaxed and natural.

You two are gorge!

While walking through the park Vova suddenly picked up his bride and after spinning her around I grabbed the shot.

And a sunset like this is a perfect ending to any day!

Congrats on your marriage! Love, Yuliya

To see more of Liza and Vova’s Citrus Heights Community Center wedding click HERE for slideshow. It’s extra sweet with my friend Monika providing the songs!

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