The things you don’t say to a girl who loves pool

He packed up my groceries and after finding out that I work from home asked if I had a pool, because if I did, I could sit by it and work on my laptop . . . If there’s anything you don’t say to a girl who loooooves pool, it’s exactly that!!!! Having your own pool and working by it. Just the thought of having access to the pool at all times is dangerous, what to say of working by it. The pool I go to regularly recently added free Wi-Fi, but besides books, I leave my work at home. I’ve never wanted to own a house, but walking out of Trader Joe’s after hearing that story made me reconsider for a moment. But, since that’s not happening any time soon, I’ll go enjoy the pool I don’t own, but still love, especially since I finally had the time to visit Sports Authority and pick out a new pair of goggles as a birthday gift from my younger sister, and I may or may not have also bought a white swim cap I’ve always wanted as a gift to myself. That was a long sentence, but this is the end to this post!

Happy Wednesday, Yuliya

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