I love camp, and 101 reasons for it

Every year I dust off the tent (or more like my sister does), bake some sweets (well maybe my sister did this time around), shop for a ton of food (a ton is a very close description), and drive forty miles to Rollings Lake for some best camping experience ever. I love camping with my church family and every year wish it was a tad bit longer. I think I might off overdid it with pictures this year. Unbeknownst to me I took over 600 . . . aren’t you glad I don’t shoot film?

Because of my love of camp, I decided to complement photos with short descriptions of why the camp absolutely rocks! So here you go:

101 reasons why we have the best church camp around . . .

. . . campground is less than an hour away and sits right on the lake (well maybe next to it)

. . . superb camp fires

. . . Starbucks coffee served for breakfast

. . . little details get attention

. . . the kitchen

. . . the head chef is my mom

. . . the cutest kids around

. . . breakfast menu inspired by Ettore’s bakery

. . . pastor serving breakfast

. . . homemade crepes with raspberry jam and sour cream, or an option of fresh strawberries and blueberries on the side, should I go in more detail?

. . . the sweetest people

. . . my clients all around

. . . graphic designers who are also amazing chefs

. . . guitar players who are also lifeguards

. . . did I mention the kids yet?

. . . remember the time you asked your teacher to have class outside?

. . . sermons on Deuteronomy

. . . amazing everything including the sunsets

. . . volleyball . . . that’s right I don’t have a pictures and for one small reason . . . the difficulty of holding a camera in one hand and spiking a ball with the other. Click HERE to watch a slideshow of the entire camp!

I would do camp all over again, at least twice a month, just in time to get my clothes washed in between. Can’t wait for next year.

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