My life in Instagram photos

I was hoping that blog posts would naturally appear after Dina blogged for me on my birthday, but it seems like I have to get back to it myself. Someone asked me recently if blogging is something I have to do or something I love to do. There are days when I feel like I have to blog, but for most part I love blogging, and some days I simply can’t get to it because of additional demands on my time. Blogging ahead of time maybe a good idea, but I’m not that advanced. And to prove my point, this blog post might not go anywhere, but sometimes it’s fun to pile everything together and relive the moments past. Having said that, here are a few of my favorite memories from that last week, which really felt like a whole month, in no particular order:

… Walking along Golden Gate Bridge
… Birthday brunch at Rio City with very dear people
… Surprise birthday gifts from my older sis a few days before and after my birthday
… Driving alongside Tahoe
… Strolling the sidewalks of Sausalito
… Enjoying crepes in downtown Marina
… Shooting a wedding in Half Moon Bay
… Taking my nephew Joe to the park and getting lost on the way back
… Coffee date with one of my brides
… Spiking a volleyball
… Shopping for our annual church camp
… Campfire, short for me this year, nevertheless memorable
… Making 300 crepes with my mother, I think we’re ready to start our own bakery
… Jumping into lake after some intense volleyball
… Not getting hurt . . . always a plus
… Waking up in a tent . . .
… In-n-out with siblings to wrap up the camp
… Driving along highway 1 . . . never gets old
… Stringed lights at a wedding . . . my favorite detail always
… Making Anthropologie inspired cards
… Camping with my church . . . hands down unbeatable experience

Oh and since we love photos around here … A few Instagram memories

3 thoughts on “My life in Instagram photos

  1. I love this! I love your little cards they are sooo sooo cute and simple. I may hire you to make custom cards ;-)….no seriously actually…would you be interested?

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