Fourth of July, the not to scale trails, and the sand I never touched

A two mile hike you say? Really? I googled the hike, the trail, read yelp reviews, and was ready for what I thought would be a relaxing walk just above Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe. My sister and I even planned to go to a party later on that day, because obviously we would run out of activities to occupy ourselves for the day. We even joked whether or not we would get to the trail at all with the pace we were going. Starbucks coffee, snacks at the gas station, a scenic stop along the way, a lunch break. About fourteen of us finally arrived at the trail head and then what seemed like bootcamp officially began. The trip organizer happened to be a trainer and none of us thought twice about that. When he started explaining the trail destinations, all I could hear is eight miles that way, and could be ten miles that way. I felt like I was taken back to my college days in Israel, when my professor would post on the wall an announcement of a hike for FIT HIKERS ONLY. I went on every single one of those hikes, but could you really compare Sierra Nevada range to the Promised Land? Not too many of us planned for a serious hike that day and sadly we lost quite a few people along the way. Thankfully there’s such a thing as enjoying the journey, because we never reached the destination and the white sand beach of Emerald Bay I was really hoping to touch.

Reflecting on the trip I’m grateful for
-Vacation. I brought my camera along and took pictures because I wanted to and not because I had to
-People who know how to use the back button focus on my camera (sadly not one group pictures I’m in is in focus, even after many explanation of how to lock the focus)
-Things that are “to scale.” Evidently I missed the small print on the trail map which capitalized NOT TO SCALE
-Friends. Even an unexpectedly arduous hike can be loads of fun
-Holidays. I’m hardly available on Saturdays and I love it when my friends are off during the week

My lovely sister Dinah

Did I mention the bears? It just so happens that I watched Brave a week ago, so I was not too scared.

Dinah happened to snatch my camera for these shots and I’m telling you world, one day she’s going to start a blog and kick me out of business.

You can download the pictures from the hike HERE.

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