Olympic trials and second chances dilemma

“Are they gonna let her do it again?” I stared at the screen in dismay.  Everything seems more simple to my sister, who just remarked that she fell and that was it.  But for me, the taking things too close to heart type, that reply just doesn’t work.  What if the athlete just had a bad day, but in reality is the absolute best out there.  Obviously I just disqualified myself from being a judge at the Olympic Trials.  

Watching the results of the trials this week had me on the edge of my seat, even though I watched the replays for the most part.  It also made me think of how scary it is not to have a second chance.  All these years of training and you don’t get to go to the Olympics?  How does one pick themselves up and keep running or swimming after that?  I’ll keep thinking about that one, but for now I’m greatly relieved that Michael Phelps reached the wall first, and that there’s such a thing as doing what you do because you love it and not because medals are awarded.  

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