. . . starts with a v ends with acation

That’s right world, I’m officially on vacation. I do still try to blog and answer my client’s emails, but that’s it. I tried to get out of the country for these two weeks, but with some things not working out so great, I’m happy to spend my summer in the sunny California, and I will totally own it. This morning I happened to think of a trillion things to blog and I just may or may not throw out half of those ideas at you. But there is one thing that came up in a conversation with a friend this week that I’m still thinking about. A line or quote of sorts that shaped 2012 slightly differently from my previous years in business. And the quote is “Busyness does not mean success.”

At the end of 2011 I looked back and couldn’t believe how busy life has become and often busy with things I didn’t really want to do. When a new year came around I knew things had to change and although I can’t say that I’m fully where I want to be, I’m sooo much closer and that makes me happy. I made a list of goals, a list of things I wish I did and didn’t, and off and on I have been going back to that list. For example, I spent too much time editing weddings. One solution was to outsource the editing, but since it’s costly, I in turn trained myself to edit in a few sittings and now get the job done super fast. I’ve also made the decision to shoot only the things related to weddings. This decision like none other helped me to be a better wedding photographer and a specialist in one field.

With the year at midpoint and some extra time while on vacation, I’m reminded again to reevaluate the state of my business, my goals, and what success looks like for me. The last thing I want is always being busy with the wrong things, so let’s slow down, shall we, and refocus! I’m off to a recital to hear the world’s best pianist, my sister Dinah, and I hope you will find something glorious to do over the weekend as well.

And because I happen to have the cutest nephews, here’s the latest of baby Jeremy Lukas

2 thoughts on “. . . starts with a v ends with acation

  1. Oh wow….we made it to your blog! Jeremy says that his aunt Yuliya is the best photographer and he already loves taking pictures;)

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