The Love of Repeat

With energy overflowing I got to the end of the pool and kept on swimming lap after lap as if I didn’t just limp to the pool will all my muscles aching after the hike. Cold water was splashing on my sunburned face and I couldn’t believe how freeing it was not to feel my muscles all sore. After getting out of the pool I wanted to jump back in, I missed the feeling of the water against my skin already. Then I thought of how swimming laps is pretty much doing the same thing over and over, like the song in repeat and I just don’t get tired of it. In fact I often want to go to the pool only a few hours after I got out of it. And then I thought to myself, that maybe I just like things in repeat; once I find something I love, I just want to enjoy it over and over again, just like the CD in my car that’s been on repeat for the last four months.

And since we’re talking about pool, how cute are these invites?

Would love to hear what your repeated activity is! Happy Wednesday world!

6 thoughts on “The Love of Repeat

  1. I love to check your blog over and over again few times a day, hoping that each time i check it there’s a new story, new picture, new light;) I also love looking at my 1.5 months old son Jeremy, I can just sit all day and watch him move, cry, eat, smile, sleep and do it all over again!

  2. “Instead of doing what we’re good at, we insistently seek out what we’re not good at. Then we identify the painful, difficult activities that will make us better and do those things over and over.” -t.i.o
    aka “practicing” for me

    1. Man, you’re too smart for me ;), don’t know what will happen after you graduate from a university, I might have to redo my Bachelors 😉

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