A day off on the coast

We sat around dining room table talking and laughing about everything under the sun. A Friday night when I’m not watching the clock is rare and I enjoyed every moment of it. There was however, something planned for Saturday morning, which would deprive me of sleep. I tried to talk my friends into doing the hike a little later, but to no avail. After many booked Saturdays I was finally available for an activity with my friends and either to mark the beginning of summer, me going on break, or whatever else, we planned something diverse for our recreation. At first the number of miles sounded intimidating, but thankfully the hike was much easier than I anticipated. Point Reyes with all its beauty was rewarding and oh the flood of hiking memories it brought along. The rocky descent on Arbel cliffs above the Sea of Galilee, hikes through the desert above the Dead Sea, and of course my favorite Nahal Darga, the most difficult hike in Israel with sudden drops into pools of water. At the end of the trail I felt like I could do it all over again, after a good meal that is. And what can be better than sore muscles to remember the hike for many days to come . . .

The water bottle I carried all over the Promised Land.


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