iLove Monika

I’m tempted to say I met her in Monterey a long time ago, to rhyme with Frank Sinatra, but we actually met in San Francisco. Monika and her husband Adam waited for me outside a dinner spot I suggested and after a short introductions, hugs and a dinner, we went to a photographer’s get together as if we’ve been friends, well forever. Monika is absolutely charming and it didn’t take long to simply love everything about this girl. In the few minutes we’ve met we planned out enough trips for the next three years, including a visit to one of our favorite cities, Istanbul. Not long after we strolled along the streets of Monterey, taking photos, laughing and surviving ice cold wind. And after a long night of hanging out in her living room overlooking Monterey Peninsula, singing hymns together, and listening to Monika’s melodic voice, we were basically hooked for a lifetime!

Ah Monika, it’s so hard not to love you. I’m so so thankful for the time you reached out with a hello through the Internet. Life has not been the same since. You are amazing and have amazing things stored up for you in the future, including becoming one thriving photographer! Thank you for the memories, the laughs, sweet blog posts, for surviving freezing wind for photos and so much more. Love you to pieces, Yuliya.

Beauty all over!

And that’s how I will always remember Monika, beautiful, happy and smiling!

And how about a few pictures of Monika in action. Can you recognize the model?

3 thoughts on “iLove Monika

  1. Yuliya!!!!! You are seriously a one of a kind, sweet, talented, wonderful person. You’re right, you’re stuck with me forever!!! :-). I cannot wait for our future memories together…traveling…singing…I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

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