The never boring life with nephews

Baby Jeremy is one week old, and Josiah, my other nephew, is turning two on Wednesday. On Mother’s day we reminisced on all the wonderful ways Josiah colors our daily lives.  Like the time his uncle got dressed for work an hour early, because Josiah reset his alarm clock while playing in the bedroom. Or the time my sister Nadia couldn’t figure out why the dashboard was showing 100 miles per hour when it seems like she just accelerated on the freeway. It so happens that Josiah changed her car setting to show kilometers per hour, instead of miles, must be his European side.  Or the time I spent two hours at the Apple store trying to figure out why my sister’s laptop wouldn’t take DVDs, and then the Apple employee brought out a jammed piece of paper which Josiah so thoughtfully inserted into the drive. And so the stories continue.  They are rather amusing, and sure are colorful.  And to add to the happiness we are waiting for my first niece anytime nowadays. And since Tuesday and Wednesday are already taken by birthdays of other family members, she’s got either today or Thursday to come out if she wants to have a day all to herself. 

2 thoughts on “The never boring life with nephews

  1. Our nephews are awesome, can’t wait to meet the little girl. I just hope it’ll be Thursday then I’ll be all done with everything and won’t have to worry about studying for finals in the hospital.

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