Oh the little Jeremy

I told my sweet bride Lindsey that I might not make it to her wedding if my sister goes into labor (I was kidding, world). . . yet thankfully my nephew waited till the end of the wedding. While driving to Carmel this past Friday, my sister Dinah and I decided that May 7th would be a perfect date for Jeremy to be born. And the funny thing is when my sister was checked in, the nurse wrote 5/7/12 on accident on the board. My brother-in-law corrected her that it was the 6th, yet although she changed the date, the baby remembered that 7. And so it happened, on May 7th, at 7:17 Jeremy Luke came out. For fact, I like Lukas better (that was our grandfather’s name), so I just might be referring to him as baby Jeremy Lukas on the blog. And here’s the little munchkin. He’s adorable and has his mama’s eyes. Oh Jeremy Luke Lukas, I’m working really hard here on my weddings so I can come play with you soon!


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