The tips that never fail

There are days when I ask Dinah to blog for me. Today I hinted to her to blog about tips for second shooters and she said, oh “look pretty, hold the camera, and smile.” And that’s exactly my sister, short to the point, never too wordy, just the perfect thing to say at the perfect time, and the smile part, she’s really good at. And that’s exactly how I get into the mood of weddings, I try to look my best, hold the camera to be ready for any moment and to smile hard!!!! I’m going out of town tonight for a rehearsal dinner tonight and a full day wedding tomorrow, and as always I’m nervous and excited at the same time, but if all fails I’ll remember my sisters awesome tips and it’ll be all right! Happy Friday world!


2 thoughts on “The tips that never fail

  1. man, I should be careful what I tell you, next thing you know my words are on the web for your friends in Bangladesh and Philippines to read…

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