A Comeback: Showcasing who you are

Early on in my business I learned the importance of trust and of clients liking their photographer. In today’s video I will share a real life story, which taught me these two things. The same concepts I’ve learned from Jasmine Star, and if you follow these, it will take you a long way. I might of repeated myself a little in the video, but I’m still learning, especially to do this without edits and repeats ;). My room was incredibly dark with cloudy weather outside, so I relocated to my sister’s amazing room with this cool hand-drawn wall (I sure hope Dinah doesn’t mind). Have a wonderful rainy Wednesday!


9 thoughts on “A Comeback: Showcasing who you are

  1. YAY!! Another video!!! Really good words and I love the background, it almost looks like it is digital.

  2. I like you!!! definetly trust you, chose you to shoot my wedding (with your one wedding experience, i was #2!!!!!)

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