Movie Quote + Technology + Hnunit

The last line of that movie made it all worth it for me. “I looove technology . . . but not as much as you!”  No one in my family is particularly geeky, but somehow I inherited the technology love bug.  We got our first family computer when I was about fourteen and once something broke, I figured my dad would be of no help, since he didn’t grow up around computers either.  I took it upon myself to figure out this technology thing and surprisingly through trial and error I could get things fixed.  Once I got to college I would help my friends get on the college network and was kind of like an unofficial I.T. girl on campus.  Today I paired my wireless keyboard with one of my mobile devices and in a very strange way, it made me happy.  I can just hear my Israeli rommate Gracie, yelling “HNUNIT” (nerd in Hebrew), but I’ve learned to own it!  

And to add to the happiness of the day, how cute are these cups?


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