Ella and Anatoliy: Morgan Creek Wedding

She hardly slept and at the break of dawn slipped into her shoes and sweater and drove to the place where she felt home and at ease.  Infused with memories, and dreams they’ve built together, the spacious Peet’s Coffee shop smelled of dark roast coffee, but more so of the aroma of their relationship. It was here that they were randomly set up to meet. It was here that she noticed the special way he looked at her between the sentences .  And it was between the noise of the coffee grinder she heard him say running and her heart melted. Their first date, their many study nights, their engagement photos, all cobwebbed in between four walls, and as she sipped on a hot coffee she found peace and strength to meet the day, her very own wedding day.  When Ella joined her bridesmaids she was full of energy and excitement enough to carry her through even the cloudy day.  

In answer to their hopes and prayers the sky was sapphire blue when Ella’s father proudly led his daughter to give away to Anatoliy.  And right then, any forecast of rain was gone along with the clouds and it was all smiles and happiness from then on.  The way he held her hand and looked at her spoke of tender care, of understanding and of passionate love.  And together they made the world around them bright and colorful because of their caring souls.  The toasts and the speeches, wishes from siblings and mentors, all attested of their deep care for others, selflessness, friendliness and a great love for people. Before the lights died out in the reception hall, Anatoliy and Ella were surrounded once again by their close friends, who handed Ella a large scrapbook, filled with memories, wishes, and the stories of how their smiles and care have changed the world for the better.  

And I was caught in between of all of care and sweetness that radiates from these two!!!! Ella and Anatoliy, it’s an absolute honor to know you, but even more so to be right there with you on your wedding day.  Thank you for sharing yourselves, your stories and your lives with me, I feel so blessed.  I’ve known you for a couple of months, but it seems like years and for that I’m thankful.  I absolutely cannot wait to have you in front of my camera again and of course with a good strong cup of Peet’s in hand. Love you to pieces, Yuliya. 

Oh Ella girl, do you have to be sooooo gorgeous?

Hello beautiful!!!

Spending a morning with these girls was an absolutely blast, they’re the sweetest girl friends.

And that’s when you melted my heart…

Ella and Anatoliy worked hard to get away for sunset photos, but it was all worth it.

And my favorite . . .

To see more of Ella and Anatoliy’s Morgan Creek Golf Course wedding click HERE for slideshow


8 thoughts on “Ella and Anatoliy: Morgan Creek Wedding

  1. I really love these. The getting ready shots are so fun, the light is so gentle in all of them, and the cake shot is something new…love it. I really like the bride’s hair also, gorgeous.

  2. Amazing job, I love colors, light, location and beautiful couple! Favorites…a lot of them, but 2 that stand out the most are second to the last and 6th from the last.

  3. Half of my office is being very unproductive …..can’t stop watching the slideshow!!!! Thank you Yuliya for doing such a great job !!! Love EVERY photo!!!

  4. These are so beautiful!! Beautiful bride and the detail shots are beyond gorgeous!!
    I love all the sunset shots…so romantic and sweet 🙂

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