Sisters, Hats, and the Irreplaceable Person

I admire people who are able to wear several hats at the same time, and my sister happens to be one of them! She is never surprised nowadays when I ask her to do something impossible, she just asks for the address and the time. And that’s why she is absolutely irreplaceable in my life, seriously, you can’t have her!!!!!! As you already know, I shoot most of the time alone, but once in a while I need a helper at a wedding. A few weeks ago my assistant could only stay till reception, so Dina stepped in to cover for him. That’s right, she’s amazing and rocked out a camera as if she does it for living. She also does all of my portraits and head shots (which I love) and even threats to get her own blog, but that’s a different story.

Dina, thank you for always being there for me and switching hats with a breeze! I love you!

That’s right she is holding a camera and my shootsac 😉


3 thoughts on “Sisters, Hats, and the Irreplaceable Person

  1. “I’m really beginning to question your teaching methods.” haha
    You’re too sweet, thanks for letting me rock out this photography thing with you…it was fun.

    and I like hats.

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